Under $5 YA Paranormal Romance: Reapers, Thirteen Brothers by Shim Simplina

PHP 195 | $3.99

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When Aramis Rayne and her father move to Ashland, Pennsylvania, she assumes that it’s just like any other move to another house and another school. It’s just an ordinary town after all-except for the fact that it’s located near Centralia, a ghost town filled with bottomless pits that appear from nowhere. Determined to survive being the new girl in school, Aramis develops a strategy for her not to get hurt: don’t get too close to anybody. But once she meets Vincent, an arrogant young boy with piercing silver eyes, everything changes. When he seemingly rescues her from a mysterious drowning incident, she is suddenly thrust into the thrilling and terrifying world of the Reapers. Now she is caught between Vincent and his father, Death himself, as they engage in a tug-of-war battle for her soul. Will she survive the experience? Or will Death claim her for his own?

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